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How to upgrade to this version:

1. Uninstall old Version. All your configuration settings will be kept in the registry.

2. Run the installation software from the above link and follow the instruction. All your configuration settings will be imported from any old installation.

What was changed between versions?

POPcon NOTES version history

Additional downloads - POPcon PRO utilities

POPconTrigger - Trigger a mail retrieval cycle from the command line

You can use POPconTrigger to start a mail retrieval cycle from the command line or another software capable of starting an .exe file. The command line format is:

POPcontrigger SERVER

Instead of  "SERVER" you need to enter the name of the server POPcon NOTES is running on. This parameter is only needed if POPcon NOTES is running on a different computer than POPconTrigger.

POPconView - POPcon Admin but without the ability to change the POPcon NOTES configuration

You can install POPconView on individual user's workstations to allow the users to trigger a POPcon PRO mail retrieval cycle manually and to monitor the operation of POPcon PRO without giving the user the ability to change the POPcon PRO configuration. New: Now you can select a fixed server that this utility talks to by adding the server name or IP in the command line. "POPconView.exe MYSERVER" or "POPconView.exe" connects POPconView directly to the server - very handy in cases where firewalls block the POPconView/POPcon service discovery protocol.

popcon_addaccount.exe - command-line utility to add a POP3 or IMAP account to the POPcon configuration.

usage: popcon_addaccount 10 parameters divided by spaces


1. POP3/IMAP server name (string)

2. user name to log on POP3/IMAP server

3. password

4. Nr of days to leave mail on host. 0= delete after download, 999= leave indefinitely.

5. standard forward address - Forward all email from this account to that addresss. Empty string: Distribute according to email header information.

6. IP port number for POP3 or IMAP connection

7. Timeout value (seconds) for connections to this account

8. Postmaster address - reroute email to unknown users to this address. Empty string: Do not reroute email to unknown users.

9. SSL. 0= do not use SSL. 1= use SSL connection.

10. POP3/IMAP. 0= POP3, 1= IMAP.


popcon_addaccount "pop.mydomain.com" "myuser" "mysecretpassword" 0 "" 110 30 "postmaster@mydomain.com" 0 0

Will add one account to POPcon's configuration that downloads from pop.mydomain.com, user myuser with password mysecretpassword. This account will delete emails after download without leaving them on the server any longer. The mail will be distributed according to the header information ("catchall style mailbox"). The connection will be made on POP3 standard port 110 with a timeout of 30 seconds. If the recipient does not exist in your Domino Server, the mail will be rerouted to postmaster@mydomain.com. The connection will not use SSL and it is not an IMAP but a POP3 server that the mail is downloaded from.

popcon_changepw.exe - command-line utility to change the POP3/IMAP password on an existing account identified by server- and username.

usage: popcon_changepw pop/imap-server-name username new-password

or: popcon_changepw pop/imap-server-name username old-password new-password


popcon_changepw "pop.mydomain.com" "myuser" "myoldpassword" "mynewpassword"

Will change the existing account password to mynewpassword on the account for pop.mydomain.com with username myuser if the old password matches myoldpassword.