Suggested Antispamserver

We are currently using these spam list servers in our own configuration with very good success (high spam detection rate with low false positives):

  1. blackholes.mail-abuse.org (list name: "MAPS RBL")
  2. bl.spamcop.net (list name: "Spamcop")
  3. sbl.spamhaus.org (list name: "Spamhaus SBL")
  4. cbl.abuseat.org (list name: "Composite blocking list")
  5. ix.dnsbl.manitu.net
  6. dnsbl-1.uceprotect.net
  7. dnsbl-2.uceprotect.net

Please note: If you add or change the blocking/spam list server settings it is always a good idea to switch from having POPcon PRO deleting the SPAM messages to tagging them in the subject line instead. This way you can monitor the which messages are being flagged SPAM for a period of time without actually losing any important messages.

How we configured our own system at Servolutions:

We added all of the above spam list servers and just let POPcon tag the emails with "[SPAM]" in the subject. Then we configured a very simple Outlook rule that moves all emails tagged [SPAM] to a special mail folder. Once a week we go through this folder (currently receiving around 700 spam emails a day) to sort out any wrongly tagged emails. This only takes a couple of minutes every week. Normally there are none but we do receive the occasional support inquiry from a legitimate business in india or eastern europe that has the misfortune to be routed through a heavily spam-trafficked server.