Servolutions - Exchange and Outlook Tools


POPcon connects your MS Exchange Server™ to your POP3 mailboxes on the Internet.


POPcon PRO adds an antivirus scanner, antispam function, and a rule-based message distribution engine.


ChangeSender allows you to choose the sender address your emails are sent from on a mail-by-mail basis.


MultiSendcon: Exchange send connector with sender-based routing to separate SMTP smart hosts.

BotFence NEW

BotFence: Stop hackers and bots by auto-blocking their IP addresses in the firewall.

AttackTracer NEW

AttackTracer: FREE Software: Find out if hackers or bots are targeting your server.

AddressView for Outlook

AddressView for Outlook: Show the recipient address instead of just your name in incoming emails.


CSCatchAll adds catch-all mailboxes to your Exchange server, just define a "catchall@yourdomain" email.